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Gesture Design 3D Glue on Wall Panel
Item# :CA3DGUS
1Box (26.67sqft) of White Color 3D Wall Panel Gesture Design
Each Box contain 10 sheet of 3D Wall Panel
Try to find an innovative way to add some different style to your wall?
With various colors and design, these 3D Wall Panels can be integrated within a variety of modern decors, and turn a common interior into a room with an impact.
Natural Plant Fibers Material
Sizes 19.6" x 19.6" (2.67sqft)
Weight 270gram
Easy for the Installation
Paintable Texture
Color: Off-White (Paintable)
Retail Price:

Products Description
Installation Guide:
1. Clean the Surfae you are installing the panels on

2. Plan your design. Measure and marks vertically and horizontally the area of installation

3. Start working from the Top Corner. Check the corners with a carpenters square to ensure that they are fully square

4. Apply glue on wall and panel (fast bonding spraying flue recommended)

5. Stick panels on the wall. Use pins or apply pressure on four corners and edges of the panel

6. Apply primer coat

7. Fill any gaps with paintable caulking

8. Apply final coat of paint

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